Emergency Credit Line (ECL) is designed to meet the emergency needs of borrower.

Emergency situations defined as:

  • An unexpected medical emergency.

  • Housing emergency.

  • Emergency obligations such as school tuition payments, weddings, family member death expenses, etc.

  • Emergency car repair needs.

  • Unexpected utility bills payments to stop service interruption.

  • Purchasing of home/business assets.


  • Loan Purpose: Emergency financing activities

  • Target Group: Men and women business owners and those earning a regular income

  • Loan Size: AFN 10,000 to AFN 150,000

  • Duration: 6 to 24 months

  • Collateral: Title deed (title deed below AFN 100,000 is optional but over for loans over AFN 100,000 it is mandatory)

  • Financial Guarantor: Men and women business owners with the capacity to guarantee the loan

  • Family Guarantor: Close relative of the family is mandatory