BMA is an Islamic financial product (Murabah) to finance income-generating activities by men and women. Loans are offered in sizes ranging from AFN 10,000 to AFN 350,000 in multiple cycles to increase current and/or fixed assets, including to buy inventory, equipment, vehicles, land and buildings for business purposes. This product is designed for individual borrowers (men and women) who have businesses and need capital to increase their business assets and income.


  • Target Group: Men and Women Business Owners

  • Duration: 6 to 24 months

  • Loan Size: AFN 10,000 to AFN 500,000

  • Collateral: Title deed (title deed below AFN 100,000 is optional but for loans over AFN 100,000 it is mandatory)

  • Financial Guarantor: Men and women business owners with the capacity to guarantee the loan

  • Family Guarantor: Close relative of the family is mandatory